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About Data Analytics

Operating since 1998, we provide services across the entire Business Information Value Chain (please see our Business Information Value Chain white paper), through both direct provision of the business information analysis services and through cultivating the capability of our clients to produce and use business information.  For instance, Data Analytics can statistically analyse your corporate datawarehouse directly or we can develop an on-line curriculum to develop your internal statistical analysis capability.  Data Analytics can also develop a business case for an infrastructure investment like a new finance or customer information system directly for you, or  undertake a third party audit of an internally developed business case completed by your internal staff.

We also provide various governance and risk management services. For instance we can lead strategy development and risk assessment workshops, project manage the implementation of enterprise risk management in your organisation (we have our own ISO 31000:2009 compliant Enterprise Risk Management framework that we can tailor to suit your particular governance framework), or develop a governance framework that ensures all your stakeholders obtain appropriate levels of input and influence over your organisation’s actions in a legally compliant manner.

Our advantages

Our consulting staff have all worked for one of the “Big Five” global consultancies during their career.  We provide “Big Five” standard of consulting services at around one half to one third of their consulting fees.  We achieve this through:

    Delivering as much of our service as possible through more cost effective telecommunication services such as the internet and video- and tele-conferencing and avoiding large overheads such as:
  • central city accommodation,
  • global heirarchies,
  • large mass media promotional expenditure, and
  • speculative research and development

We believe that in the near future even the highly established firms will be judged on their results, not just their name.  In such an environment, we believe Data Analytics will present the best
combination of value-for-money.

Company history

1998 – 1999: Data Analytics secured the dataanalytics.com URL and begun one of the first on-line management consultancies dedicated to exploiting the new concept of data analytics in the world.

2000 – 2011: Expansion of Data Analytics services to governance, risk management and project implementation services. Further expansion of the client base. Recently celebrated 13 years of unbroken top 5 Google results to the term “Data Analytics”.

Case Studies

  • Finding Duplicate Vendors and Invoices
  • Scoring Sales Prospect intra-call for live segmentation
  • Identifying High Risk Returning Customers using Oracle Fuzzy Logic
  • Fast Analytics assesses promotion effects on customer loyalty
  • Are customers valuing the value proposition. Detecting changes using data analytics




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Users of Data Analytics Services

Satellite TV Distributor – www.austar.com.au

South Korean Telecommunications Provider (now part of LG U+) – www.dacom.com.kr


Australian Electricity Distributor  – www.energex.com.au


Large local government entity – www.gccc.qld.gov.au