White Papers

White Papers

The ISO31000 Enterprise Risk Management Standard: A Critique

The new ISO31000 Enterprise Risk management Framework has certainly made some of the improvements long called for by Data Analytics, but there still plenty to go before it becomes a useful management tool which can be fully integrated into the standard governance toolkit of the modern organisation. Here we look at the key improvements Data Analytics’ Risk Management approach makes over the ISO31000 standard.

The Cost of A Bad Hire and How to Make One

This essay, by Jeff Popova-Clark of Data Analytics, explores why recruitment and selection is the cornerstone of your HR management function and crucial to the effective management of your business.

This article was published in the global newsletter of the International Personnel Management Association’s Assessment Council in October, 1997.

Creativity, Value, Age & Experience: Do they All Correlate?

How old are you? It’s a natural question, and, depending on circumstance, an uncomfortable one if you appear as too young or too old. The latter case often wins attention in legal systems in the guise of age discrimination against people judged as too elderly—with whatever that implies—to get a job done or to relate to youthful customers.

Here we make the case that businesses often dismiss the talent resident at the other end of the age spectrum: people in their twenties. Revolutionary ideas involving science, art, and business organisation have been bubbling up from young people for centuries. Consider, for instance, the past 20 years of innovation in personal computing and the Internet. Social convention, however, often delays recognition of the breakthroughs for decades, as we discuss in the opening historical survey. Media images that depict creative giants in the autumn of their careers complete the stereotypical notion of the grey-haired genius.

We urge executives to avoid stereotypes and conventional thinking about the source of valuable icon-smashing insights. Young people can look at old problems in new ways, free from the status quo. You might have the next Einstein or Wilbur Wright already within your organisation, ready to contribute if given an audience. Give him or her that opportunity.

This article was published in the PricewaterhouseCoopers global magazine Re:Business in March, 1999.

Evaluating the Performance of EEO

For too long the EEO industry has swallowed up resources without demonstrating its effectiveness. This essay outlines a basic model of how to evaluate the performance of your organisation’s EEO function. The article also has a very useful checklist on what qualities are posseseed by excellent Key Performance Indicators.

The Business Information Value Chain

This set of slides outlines the original Business Information Value Chain concept. All business information undergoes this series of value creation, with each step depending on the previous step. It is this fundamental dependency around which many of the original Data Analytics Services are based. The presentation also looks at key issues that analysts and decision makers should consider when creating and using business information.

Submission to REThink BetterTax

This was submitted to the Australian Federal Treasurer’s Tax Reform Inquiry on June 1, 2015.  It has some new economic approaches that can extend current economic thinking.