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Our risk management process is a practical adaptation of the ISO31000 standard that is robust enough to become the basis for your organisation’s strategic and tactical planning and therefore will be reflected in your management’s incentive plan and your budget. Read more about how we go beyond the standard to create a truly useful risk management process in your organisation more>>


Workshop facilitation

Our consultants can plan and lead workshops to develop your company’s new strategy development, corporate risk assessment or any other workshop requiring the input of key decision makers. We can set the scene, provide proven brainstorming processes, collate results and develop a professional final product for your and your board’s consumption.


Customer analytics

In addition to traditional market analysis services such as surveys, consumer group workshops, and economic data, the enormous information resources available in your transaction databases and your sales and customer relationship management systems allows a whole new way of segmenting and profiling your customers. Data Analytics takes you beyond percentages and averages, uncovering the multivariate relationships you need to truly find competitive advantage.