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Free Software

R – top notch free statistical software (once in there you might like to install a graphical user interface called R-Commander)

R Studio – an integrated development environment for R

Hadoop – Apache’s software for handling large quantities of data

Hortonworks HDP – Hadoop distribution for Windows

RHadoop – a way of interfacing Hadoop (ability to handle great volumes of data) and R (ability to apply statistical analysis)

Apache – An collection of Open Source Projects including Hadoop, Cassandra and Accumulo (a NOSQL solution)

IBM DB2 Express-C – a free relational database from IBM that allows unlimited data sizes

Toad for DB2 Freeware – an excellent way to analyse data in a DB2 database

Toad for Data Analysts/DataPoint Freeware – ODBC only, but excellent way to analyse data from across multiple databases from different vendors. The non-freeware version connects natively to Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server (which makes it faster)

Karmasphere Studio Professional plug-in for Eclipse – a big data development environment that connects Eclipse to Hadoop

Eclipse – A java-based development environment

Talend – a suite of useful big data management tools from Talend

RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics – free Data Mining Tools from Rapid-I

Weka – Our NZ friends excellent machine learning packages

Googles Chart Tools – free data visualisation tools

Tableau Public – an easy charting/data visualisation tool for the web

D3 – Data Driven Documents – a javascript library which can be used to visualise data

Wax – map visualisation javascript library (you’ll also need an api like ModestMaps and a map server like MapBox)

Not Free Software

SAS – (almost) everything a Big Data/Data Analytics/Data Mining professional could imagine they’d need

SPSS – statistical packages for social sciences (yes I’m old enough to remember that)

Oracle Advanced Analytics – Oracle Data Miner + Oracle’s integration with R (I love it!) – needs 11g

ACL – Audit and fraud focused analytics software – not everything is about customers!



Mobile Devices