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The Programmable Web – Application Programmable Interfaces for Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, NewsIsFree etc etc

Open Data Projects for many countries – wikipedia’s page linking to the many Open Data Projects globally

Google’s Public Datasets

Twitter – A beginners guide to get you started accessing the twitter public stream

Google Correlate – mine the world’s search terms

CKAN – open source data

Economic Data Indicators for 100 years – (not free)

A Quora answer to this question – “Where can I find large datasets open to the public?”

UN OpenData



Australian Burea of Statistics Census Data

Australian Government OpenData

Australian Social Science Data Archive

Queensland Government Statistician Office 


US Governments Open Data Project – lots of US government data released to the public

Amazon’s Web Services – includes Census Data, Encyclopedia data and Human Genome data

Socrata Open Data – lots of different free datasets here

Infochimp datasets – some free some paid

Datamarket – finding the dataset is free, the data is not


UK OpenData


EU OpenData