Thanks very much. This is the hopefully the last of the Cdr scoping steering committees. Depending on the decision of the committee today.
So essentially would just like to start with the attendees, so apologies to Francis.
And to let's see who else is said they can't come.
Also for this.
Antonini has given his apologies, and Luke van Hooft has also given its apologies.
I'm alright, so that over we'll move on. So what we're hoping to achieve today is to quickly go through the decisions required of the steerco. Hopefully this is the last of the scoping steer coast. Depending on the decisions.
Give a quick update that Andrew will take us through some supporting information, although that's stuff that's been around for a couple of weeks now. That's basically the the EXCO paper and deck that was the output of the of this part of the project. So we might not spend a lot of time with that and then open forum for all questions. So.
No problems with the agenda will move on.
Okay. So the decisions that we're hoping the steer code can make today is another one. Number one is to endorse the EXCO paper with regards to a few things. #1 is that the data Fabric project expanded to do the surfacing or the first mile of the Cdr data?
That's the first thing. And then the second thing in that paper and deck is that a third party off the shelf Cdr data holder solution to be procured.
And then it be noted by EXCO that the CD I costs for future consideration, now obviously all three of these things will after the end of the planning, budgeting will be more certain. But in the previous sticos it with the indication was that we would go to Xcode with the current scoping.
Of an approach. The fourth decision is more about moving into that planning and design, so that is an extension of the current team. So the current team officially finished up on the 30th of 31st of the third. There's still here but, but essentially the steerco asking for a progression into the planning and design phase to firm up those estimates that they're in the eco paper.
And also to provide a good basis for which implementation to can begin.
So that's the decisions we're hoping to get today.
Moving on.