Years of data have been poured into your organisation’s systems. But unless you have a Corporate Statistician you are not exploiting this gold mine of information about your customers, suppliers, employees and finances. Combined with today’s unprecedented availability of external information there is no need to guess anymore. Our clients understand the past and predict the future better than their competitors. Join them.



Once you have the information its time to use it. Our highly qualified, and deeply and diversely experienced consultants can independently develop innovative strategy and/or lead your executive team and board through a proven quality strategy development process. Don’t settle for the same approach your competitors purchased last year. Ensure your plans are the best response to your particular organisation’s unique situation.



You know what needs to happen but how do you get the strategy up and running quickly and cost effectively? Organisational change, information system implementation, procurement, training, project planning and management. We have helped our clients in all of the above and more. So we’re not just big picture; Data Analytics can also take you through to the point where your strategy is pulsing through your organisation’s corporate veins.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a management consultancy which is committed to optimising the exploitation of information in organisations. Our consultants improve organisations’ capacity to collect, store, extract, cleanse, transform, aggregate and analyse data and, most importantly, convert that analysis into value-creating action. Although operating globally we use modern telecommunications to minimise costs to clients.

Make more informed decisions using your data today